Michele J. Winger, CPA, CMA

Public Accountant in Medicine Hat

  • How do I pay myself and my family?  
  • Can I deduct an office in my home?  What about my garage?
  • Who should own the truck?  The company or me?
  • How do I deduct a vehicle used for my company? 
  • Should I lease or buy a vehicle?
  • How do I get the best tax deduction for my vehicle?
  • What about deducting the equipment I already own?
  • How do I deduct meals on the road?  Promo meals?  Groceries? 
  • How do I register the company for GST, payroll and income tax?
  • How do I get a WCB account for the company?
  • What is a corporation?  What does that have to do with company, incorporated, a partner, limited, Inc.?
  • Should I incorporate?  When?  How? 
  • What are the various ways to get money tax-free from the company?
  • How do dividends work?  Are they really such a big deal?
  • What is income splitting?  How is it done?
  • What is income tax deductible?
  • How do I file a company tax return?
  • How do I get my equipment into the company?
  • What is a shareholder?  What is a shareholder's loan?
  • What is the best bookkeeping system for my company?
  • What if I get caught cheating on my taxes?
  • How will I pay my personal income tax? How will I pay CPP?

Questions for Discussion

Suggestion:  print this list, add to it, and bring it to our first meeting

Business owners, suggested questions for the intitial meeting with Michele Winger, Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) in Medicine Hat