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Video One
Video Two
With EI deductions Excel
Link to CRA payroll
With EI deductions PDF
Without EI deductions Excel
Without  EI deductions PDF

On-line calculator

Download or print an employee payroll card.  The card is used to track wages and deductions for each employee.  The cards are a key part of preparing T4's. 
Not sure how to deduct CPP, EI and tax deductions from employee wages?  These are  payroll source deductions.   CRA provides an online calculator. 


Payroll Video I

This first video covers how to  calculate the payroll deductions for the owner of a company, how to pay the source deductions to CRA and how to maintain an employee payroll card.

Payroll Video II

This second video gives a more in-depth example of how to fill in an employee payroll card.  A well maintainted card is an important part of the payroll and T4 process and reduces your accounting fees!

Payroll Card

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