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Owners of many types of companies benefit from our services:   one-man operations with a box of receipts, family owned retail stores or restaurants, companies with millions of dollars in annual sales, Boards of Non-Profit Organizations, etc.

"When your truck is your office and your name is on the door."   Maybe you are an oil or gas consultant.  You know, a guy in a truck with special skills or tools, working in the patch.  I have worked with so many clients in this area, in the last thirty years, you'll find I know a lot about this field.

Tradesmen, IT consultants, medical and other professionals, and other "one-man" companies benefit from my focus on small owner managed companies.

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Who do you trust with the question "Can you recommend an accountant?"  Please use this link or "google us" to see referrals and recommendation of our services, from some of our clients.  We strive to provide the best in accounting and bookkeeping services .

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"David and Jennifer"    Restaurant owners

Are you overwhelmed with setting up your own bookkeeping system?  It's hard to know where to start.  I can help.  In a one-hour session, you can learn basic bookkeeping.  You will leave with a book with 20 to 30 recorded transactions, customized to your business.  You will have these to refer to in the future, when you record your own business sales and expenses.


Are there enough hours in your day?  Is your family, already working too many hours on your business?  Are you all too busy to do the bookkeeping?  I can free up hours of your precious time.  My office can do the bookkeeping for you.  If you want more detailed reports, I can provide monthly or quarterly reports with your sales ratios, cost of goods sold, cost of sales, gross margin, etc. to give you timely information for use in business decisions.


Clients who need accounting, bookkeeping services or office support, but don't have enough work to keep a full-time bookkeeper or accountant on payroll, benefit from our "use when needed" services.

You will benefit from professionally prepared corporate income tax returns.  I have had 30+  "income tax seasons".  I seek all the allowable deductions, to minimize my clients' personal and corporate income taxes, while reducing their audit risk.

Part of my service is to meet with you and go over the completed financial statement, the tax return and any questions you might have.  I help you understand what the numbers mean to you and your business and to plan for the future.

Business owners can reduce, defer or minimize their income taxes and reduce their bookkeeping stress by using our services.

Our clients work in Medicine Hat, Southern Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and British Columbia, and include:



  - oil, gas, pipeline,
  - programming, IT,
  - engineers, management
  - and others


  Contractors and trades:

  - welders, pipefitters, plumbers, roofers, etc.


  Transport industry:

  - owner/operators

  - brokers/dispatch


  Condominium boards


  Not-for-profit organizations


  Hotels, bars and restaurants

  Retailers, manufacturers